2017-2018 Symphony Musicians
And their Musical Chair Adoption Sponsors
(section chairs listed alphabetical by last name within instrument category)

Violin I
Michael Emery, Concertmaster, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Hoopes
Josh Rodriguez, Assistant Concertmaster, Dick & Ann Parker
Jonathan Block, Jeff & Pat Duncan
Marla Bracco, In memory of Marion Knowles by a former student
Susan Curro, Robert & Barbara Rosoff
Marge Hickey, Dr. Norman Harvey – In memory of Ruth Harvey
Holly Larson, Nancy B. Reynolds
Michelle Stewart, Rocco Garro

Violin II
Amanda Brin, Principal, Alan & Dorie Redeker
Jiuri Yu, Assistant Principal, Dalen & Kay Showalter
Christine Cerro, Kristine & Philip Reynolds
Christina Eastman, anonymous donor
Elaine Gervais, Barbara Milne, in memory of Donald Milne
Alyson Slack, Leigh Beeman
Meghan Todt, Ronald Davies & Annette McMurray
Brooke Vincent, anonymous donor

Open, Principal, Dr. Kit Burkich
Stephani Emery, Assistant Principal, K. Bryan Kirk
Carrie Davids, Marcius & Elna Butterfield
Halam Kim, Robert & Barbara Rosoff
Richard Rowley, Anonymous donor
Brittany Zellman, Anonymous donor, to honor the music makers

Jonathan Brin, Principal, Alan & Dorie Redeker
Lauren Peacock, Assistant Principal, Anonymous donor, to honor the music makers
Kirstin Peltz, Bob & Jane Claus
Open, Dr. & Mrs. Richard Spitzer
Open, Joan Dickens, in memory of Les & Charlotte Peltzer

Raymond-Joseph A. Bohn, Principal, Thomas & Susan Ford
Patrick O’Connell, Assistant Principal, Tom & Sally Hoy
Charles Seeley, In honor of Steven M. Parsons by a former student

Yvonne Hansbrough, Principal, Al & Mary Jane Gilet
Diane Larsen, Bill & Barbara Parks

Sherwood Wise, Principal, Linda V. Bradley
Dennis Searles, Ellen-Deane Cummins & Amy Bloom

Christopher Bush, Principal, John & Mary Arthur Beebe
Sergiy Dvornichenko, Edward & Ruth-Ann Minor

Open, Principal, Whitney H. Overocker
Shotaro Mori, Chris & Eva Detmer

French Horn
Open, Principal, The Mathewson Foundation
Amy Baker, Paul & Diane Leah
Colton Hironaka, Bob & Jane Claus – In memory of Linda Wagner
Patrice Malatestinic, Anonymous donor

Ryan Noe, Principal, Megan Lawler Thorn
Catherine Sheridan, Assistant Principal, Bill & Barbara Parks
Spencer Aston, James & Mary Ilowiecki

Christopher Moore, Principal, Diane Cowan, in memory of Robert Cowan
+Ian Scott Maser, Edgar & Felicitas Purcell
Philip Hyman, Bass Trombone, Lionel & Deborah Barthold

David Margison, Principal, Alan & Dorie Redeker

Nicholas Tariello, Principal, The Mathewson Foundation
Andrew Boynton, Anonymous donor

Melissa Ferrie-Healy, Principal, Ronald Davies & Annette McMurray

Elizabeth Huntley, Principal, Michael & Kathryn Clarke

Charles Peltz, Evie & Skip Muller

+On Leave for 17-18 Season
Italics-Music Chair Adoption

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