2015-16 Conductor’s Circle Members:

Deborah and Lionel Barthold
Josie Beckos Wood
Leigh Beeman
Mr. Greg and Dr. Susan Boggia
Mr. and Mrs. John Cembrook
Mike and Kathy Clarke
Ronald Davies and Annette McMurray
Chris and Eva Detmer
John Freeman
Albert and Mary Jane Gilet
Peter and Caroline Goldbecker
Jack and Donna Haanen
Michael and Garnette Haanen
Barbara Haldt
Sam and Pat Hoopes
Tom and Sally Hoy
K. Bryan Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lewis
Tupper Clark Limbert
D. Thomas and Theresa Lloyd
Gary T. Loughrey
David and Margaret Mason
Jim and Dianne Mathis
Evie and Skip Muller
Dr. Florence A. Nolan
Bob and Hilary Oreschnick
Charles and Kirstin Peltz
Ernest G. Peltz
Alan and Dorie Redeker
Nancy B. Reynolds
Frank and Lois Schafer
Constance Scofield
Cynthia and Michael Suprenant/Cynthia Suprenant Charitable Fund
Richard and Mary Templeton
Jane A. Wait
Allan and Cathy Weatherwax
Ann Zagoreos

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